Dake (drunken_rocko) wrote in killthehobbit,

Friday May 28th my brother had a party. It was a cool night that night so he decided to build a little fire for the girls. The fire gets going ok but it is not quite big enough for him. He and his friends are trying to think of a way to get it bigger quickly. They decided it was a good idea to use a little bit of gasoline. My brother being the bright kid he is tries to be safe. He pours a little trail and lights the gasoline on the ground. This didn't quite do the trick. He thought to himself "I know if I slosh the gasoline it won't come up and burn me." This is all well and good if you have a small can or something (coffee can I suppose. I am not sure what he was thinking with this "sloshing" idea). What was my brother using? A 5 gallon jug of gasoline to slosh on the fire. Well the fire burned up the trail of gasoline to the jug. His buddy yelled at him to get rid of the jug. My brother tossed the jug in a field close by. He's probably lucky he's around to tell about it. He doesn't have hair on his legs anymore.

Before all this happened my brother's best friend was talking to my mom. She told him to make sure my brother didn't do anything stupid that night. On his way out to see my brother our friend had a magnificent light show.

To top it all off all the kids there were graduating the next morning. None of the kids that were present at the time this happened should have received a diploma on Saturday morning.
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