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Ok. What the hell is it with ricers? Someone mentioned it in a car community that kids have always tried to make their cars faster and they always will. This is true. There are only two things I see wrong with this. 1.) When kids like our parents back in the day made their cars faster they were a hell of a lot faster than the shit today. (american muscle) 2.) The cars kids like our parents did didn't look so fucking stupid and ugly. Why oh why do they have to be so dumb? Why do kids have the mentality that a spoiler will make your car faster? This morning I saw a firebird. Now as some of you know firebirds come stock with spoilers. This is ok. It is kind of silly because it is not needed but it doesn't look terrible. What was on the spoiler? ANOTHER FUCKING SPOILER! It was too stupid to not laugh my ass off at. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to have to pull over. I forgot my camera so no picture. You are just going to have to imagine. Give me some thoughts on why you think this car thing has hit teenagers so hard.
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